A downloadable game

This game was created for the MixAndGameJam in october 2019

on the theme dimension change
by Lakkar and Headax

You are not joining a world in 3 or 2 dimensions but only 1 !
You are a spy trying to reach the secret chamber of an evil organisation.

If you don't want to get killed, try to avoid gards and security cameras
and get the best DISGUISE !

You can go LEFT or RIGHT using ARROW KEYS
and you can also do the ACTION proposed on screen by pressing SPACE

If you need to go back to the last hit checkpoint, press ENTER. To restart the game, press BACKSPACE. If you want to exit the game, press ESCAPE.

The nation's fate lies in your hands !


Install instructions

Download the zip file and unzip it.

In the unzipped file, you'll find the game (Rainbow Robbery.exe) which you just have to double click to play ! ;)

If you need some more infos, you'll find a ReadMe.txt file in the unzipped file.


Rainbow Robbery.zip 22 MB